Elizabeth Holmes Returns For Refugee Benefit Performance:

“She was once a commoner like yourselves, but perhaps you will not find her common now.”

-Prince Humperdink referring to Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride.

The Princess Bride- 2010
Black Swan is thrilled that 23 year old,  BYU-I student, Elizabeth Holmes is back for one last Black Swan performance on June 2nd!
In 2009, Elizabeth auditioned for Black Swan’s, Beauty and The Beast  and her love for theatre took hold. She performed in five plays with highlights being Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride.  She acted as a director’s assistant in two plays with her  first massive responsibility as musical director for the quartet of musicians in Twelfth Night.   Elizabeth helped create the humor and positivity that made Black Swan a  joyful place to be as actors looked up to her example.
Beauty and the Beast 200Elizabeth brought so much fun, humor, positivity to a cast that’s left a lasting impression on Black Swan.
Her favorite Black Swan memory is Black Swan’s  2011 theatre trip to the U.K. “I loved every minute of it. Wales was definitely the highlight for me with climbing Mt. Snowden. Watching all the plays while there was amazing. I still remember standing right next to the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London for my favorite play, Much Ado About Nothing. I could not forget roaming the countryside and looking at the landscape and loving it.”

Elizabeth will be performing in scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Pyramus and Thisbe), Hamilton, and Thomas More.  Elizabeth says, ” This refugee benefit is for a good cause, also wonderful entertainment. The refugee crisis is important to me because how could we not open our arms and hearts to people that have lost everything? Many are families that want security for their children. We would not leave family behind. We need to start considering the whole of the human race as our family.

Snowdonia in Wales-2011
Elizabeth will be graduating in April 2019 in Elementary education with an emphasis in Social Studies and ELL. She is engaged to Freddy Moreno and hopes to marry within the next year if all goes well with U.S. visa requirements.

 All monies raised for this event  benefit LIFTING HANDS INTERNATIONAL’s REFUGEE Program in Greece. This 7 pm, June 2nd performance is at The World Trade Center Theatre in downtown Portland. Purchase tickets here: