Dedication & Drive =Hailey DeLeon:

Hailey as Princess Sita in Rama and Sita, 2017. 

Ten year old Hailey DeLeon ‘s first role was as an Oompa Loompa in Black Swan’s 2015 Willy Wonka. She became known affectionately as the fastest, frenzied, candy-stirring  Oompa Loompa by cast and crew. Stirring sticks aside, Hailey always shows complete dedication and focus with every role. From a Lost Boy in Peter Pan, to an Indian princess in Rama and Sita, there’s always a high level of dedication to her roles.  “I’ve loved all the people I’ve worked with and the roles I’ve got to play at Black Swan,” says Hailey. One of her favorite Black Swan memories was making a silly Augustus Gloop skit at the Willy Wonka cast party. “Tyler (Messinger) played Mrs.Beauregarde, and at the end of the skit, he carried  me (Willy Wonka) off.”

Orange hatted Oompa Loompa on the right is Hailey DeLeon.

In Black Swan’s upcoming Refugee Benefit Theatre, Hailey will impress audiences as one of three Matildas in the song, Naughty from Matilda the Musical. Because of her passion for the music of Hamilton,  and being such a dedicated performer, Hailey will join older cast members to be part of the chorus in the Hamilton song pieces.  Hailey loves how the music is so catchy and fun and at the same time learn all about Alexander Hamilton. Her favorite Hamilton song is Satisfied “because the music is fun and I love the way Angelica’s perspective is put into the story…..I also love the line, who lives who dies, who tells your story because it’s cool to learn how Eliza Hamilton told Alexander’s story.”

On the left of Wendy: As Lost Boy, Curly in Peter Pan-2016

Hailey is excited to perform for the Refugee Benefit in downtown Portland on June 2nd and “thinks it’s a good way we can help refugees and still have a lot of fun.”