Drew Lewis is the Jack of All Trades in the Refugee Benefit:

As Touchstone in As You Like It

Black Swan audiences last saw Drew Lewis  on stage as the fool, Touchstone in the beloved  2016 summer production of As You Like It. Drew is thrilled to be back for Black Swan’s Refugee Benefit Theatre as an actor and musician. “ I’m so excited for the Monty Python sketches for the show, and love the chance to mimic John Cleese in the Merchant Banker sketch, and the Four Yorkshireman sketch is my mom’s favorite.” Drew acts as a jack of all trades in this show as he will be performing Shakespeare, playing the mandolin, guitar and keyboard  as well as singing in Hamilton and The School of Rock.

Besides loving performing to make people laugh,  Drew loves music, voice acting and writing short stories. “I’ve been writing and creating a fantasy realm of orcs and elves for a few years,” says Drew, adding that he’s nearly finished.  Drew also is fluent in French as he lived outside of Paris, France from 10-14 years old. Maybe because of his years in France or that fact that he likes books, he finds Belle from Beauty and the Beast the Disney girl to date. “When I go back to Europe next, I’d really like to explore Italy this time,” he adds.

Drew in France in 2010.

Drew sees this refugee benefit as a fun event to attend where people can be in a happy mindset. “It’s also as easy outlet for donating to refugees in need.” To purchase tickets to this show on JUNE 2nd , and for more info, go here.