Renaissance Man, Jason Rathbone Takes on Leadership Role in Refugee Benefit:

FullSizeRender-13By Drew Lewis

Jason Rathbone is a scholar, a gentleman and and a musician who can play a ton of instruments. At Black Swan’s upcoming Refugee Benefit, not only will he be  onstage acting but has acted as the musical director for this production and will be playing piano, guitar, and drums (That’s incredible!! ) He also has a singing voice like that of a chorus of angels.

Of the seven Black Swan plays Jason has performed in, his favorite role to play was Tim from Noises Off! “It was a hilariously funny play with a great cast. It was tons of fun.” One of Jason’s favorite moments was performing the second act of Noises Off! which was about 85% pantomime acting. “While having to hit specific cues,  it was extremely fun and challenging, which is always a blast for an actor,” adds Jason.

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Of course we asked Jason the most important, life-or-death-situation, question necessary for the survival of humanity and the human race: Which Disney princess would you date, to which he replied after almost no hesitation whatsoever: “It would be Belle because I can get down with a girl who can read.” Well said, Jason. Well said.


Jason feels that this refugee benefit is important because “I just think it’s easy to not think about what’s happening with the refugee crisis when we are so engulfed in our own community. It’s important to remember that some people, most people, have more serious problems than we do, so we must keep them in our hearts and our minds and help them through our actions.”

Join Jason and he rest of the cast at this wonderful night of entertainment while helping firing Hands International’s refugee program. More info. and to buy tickets, click here: