Directed by Elizabeth Laurent and Mallory Spanjer    Produced by Susan Scott

Auditions : 4-7 pm, December 8th at Lewis and Clark Montesorri Charter School.  Please sign up for your 30 minute time slot.

Performances: March 16-18 at Sam Barlow High School

All auditionees  come with prepared 1- 1 1/2 minute monologue and ready for cold readings in an English accent.

To sign up for an audition, please email:

Cast size: 6 female/5 males, ages 8-18 years old

Rehearsals will be held 2-3 times weekly beginning in January. More details to come.

Character Breakdown: 

Mary–Female, slight in build, casting between ages of 10-12, English accent
Craven’s niece. She is sullen, spoiled. imperious, the result of neglect on the part of her parents. she lived in India until both parents died and is new to England. She comes alive with the garden and blossoms into a beautiful person.

Colin–male, thin (as Colin had been ill his whole life)– cast someone around 10-13, English accent
He is Mr. Craven’s son. He has been neglected by his father and left to be taken care of by nurses and doctors. He has been sick much of his childhood, but much of it has been brought on by himself. Is selfish and imperious like Mary, but also has hysterical tantrums. As he and Mary become friends and work in the garden, he also changes.

Dickon– male, cast someone between ages of 12-14, Yorkshire accent
He is Martha’s brother. He is kind and intuitive. He has an almost magical ability with animals and plants. He spends a lot of time in the moors, and has a deep respect for nature. Everyone loves Dickon.

Andrew Craven: Male –cast someone between ages of 16-18, English accent
Master of Misselthwaite. Slightly hunched in one shoulder, still grieving loss of beloved wife, and too self absorbed to focus on his son or Mary. He is always traveling to escape memories.

Mrs. Medlock–female, casts someone between ages of 16-18, English accent
Middle aged Head Housekeeper of Misslethwaite. She runs the house in an orderly way, but does not want the responsibility of caring for Mary.

Martha Sowerby–female, cast someone between ages of 13-16, Yorkshire accent
She is Mary’s maid at Misslethwaite. She is not a conventional servant and has Mary dress herself and helps Mary become a kinder person (she is the first person Mary likes). She is kind, talkative, and loves her family.

Mrs. Sowerby–female, cast someone around 16-18, Yorkshire accent
Mother to Dickon and Martha (and several other children). She is comfortable, maternal and warm-hearted. She helps anyone that needs it and gives as much as possible despite meager means.

Ben Weatherstaff–male, cast someone around 16-18, Yorkshire accent
He is a grumpy, old gardener at Misslethwaite. He seems gruff, but has a warm heart. He helps the children with the garden, and this mellows him.

Dr. Spencer–male, cast someone around 16-18, English accent
Relative of Mr. Craven and doctor to Colin. He does is a somewhat ineffectual Doctor, but he does not wish Colin to die, as Colin believes.

Nurse Grey–female, cast someone around 14-18, English accent
Colin’s nurse. She is often tired of dealing with Colin’s behavior and seems to have a better grasp of Colin’s problems than the doctor.

Lizbeth Ellen–female, cast between ages 8-10, Yorkshire accent
One of Mrs. Sowerby’s children. She is in one scene and likes dough cake. Will also help move set with other cast members.