Renaissance Man, Jason Rathbone Takes on Leadership Role in Refugee Benefit:

FullSizeRender-13By Drew Lewis

Jason Rathbone is a scholar, a gentleman and and a musician who can play a ton of instruments. At Black Swan’s upcoming Refugee Benefit, not only will he be  onstage acting but has acted as the musical director for this production and will be playing piano, guitar, and drums (That’s incredible!! ) He also has a singing voice like that of a chorus of angels.

Of the seven Black Swan plays Jason has performed in, his favorite role to play was Tim from Noises Off! “It was a hilariously funny play with a great cast. It was tons of fun.” One of Jason’s favorite moments was performing the second act of Noises Off! which was about 85% pantomime acting. “While having to hit specific cues,  it was extremely fun and challenging, which is always a blast for an actor,” adds Jason.

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Of course we asked Jason the most important, life-or-death-situation, question necessary for the survival of humanity and the human race: Which Disney princess would you date, to which he replied after almost no hesitation whatsoever: “It would be Belle because I can get down with a girl who can read.” Well said, Jason. Well said.


Jason feels that this refugee benefit is important because “I just think it’s easy to not think about what’s happening with the refugee crisis when we are so engulfed in our own community. It’s important to remember that some people, most people, have more serious problems than we do, so we must keep them in our hearts and our minds and help them through our actions.”

Join Jason and he rest of the cast at this wonderful night of entertainment while helping firing Hands International’s refugee program. More info. and to buy tickets, click here:


Drew Lewis is the Jack of All Trades in the Refugee Benefit:

As Touchstone in As You Like It

Black Swan audiences last saw Drew Lewis  on stage as the fool, Touchstone in the beloved  2016 summer production of As You Like It. Drew is thrilled to be back for Black Swan’s Refugee Benefit Theatre as an actor and musician. “ I’m so excited for the Monty Python sketches for the show, and love the chance to mimic John Cleese in the Merchant Banker sketch, and the Four Yorkshireman sketch is my mom’s favorite.” Drew acts as a jack of all trades in this show as he will be performing Shakespeare, playing the mandolin, guitar and keyboard  as well as singing in Hamilton and The School of Rock.

Besides loving performing to make people laugh,  Drew loves music, voice acting and writing short stories. “I’ve been writing and creating a fantasy realm of orcs and elves for a few years,” says Drew, adding that he’s nearly finished.  Drew also is fluent in French as he lived outside of Paris, France from 10-14 years old. Maybe because of his years in France or that fact that he likes books, he finds Belle from Beauty and the Beast the Disney girl to date. “When I go back to Europe next, I’d really like to explore Italy this time,” he adds.

Drew in France in 2010.

Drew sees this refugee benefit as a fun event to attend where people can be in a happy mindset. “It’s also as easy outlet for donating to refugees in need.” To purchase tickets to this show on JUNE 2nd , and for more info, go here.


Erik Scott Returns to Black Swan for One Last Performance:

18578749_10213606070173059_1278494677_nFor those who have been long time audience members or actors at Black Swan, Erik Scott will be remembered for his variety of roles in the seven years and 15 plays at Black Swan. From Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast) to Malvolio (Twelfth Night), John Darling (Peter Pan) to Romeo (Romeo & Juliet) and Roger (Noises Off!) to Bottom ( A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Erik has always found the comedic moments.  
His love of stage combat and  talent for physical comedy are stand out traits of Erik’s acting style and suprisingly have led to no broken bones on stage. Slight concussions are another matter. In Black Swan’s 2010 Princess Bride  while playing Inigo Montoya he says he favorite memory was “when I was knocked out on stage by a sword hilt . It was intended to be a lovely fake whack to the head, which on one particular night proved to be a real whack to the head… I somehow rolled off and woke up under the stage during the fire swamp scene.”
As Algernon- The Importance of Being Earnest, 2012

Erik will be acting and directing scenes  in Black Swan’s Refugee Benefit  and is the creator for this refugee benefit as it’s a cause that is personal to him.  Erik adds, ” I recently returned from  two year LDS mission in Sweden and while  there the  European refugee crisis was in it’s peak years of 2015-2016. The crisis wasn’t merely a topic I read in the newspaper and discussed about in my cozy community cafe. I was in the midst of it. Nearly every single day in Sweden consisted of some form of service for refugees. We taught, worked alongside, visited, listened to, laughed with, cried with, ate with, played with and became friends with refugees. Their stories became a part of me, and I cannot simply live life passively as they, and countless others, struggle in desperate need of help. Any act I can do, no matter how small, is worth it.”

As Romeo, 2013
Erik and his soon to be wife, Courtney, will be heading to London, England this fall where Erik will be studying Writing for Performance and Applied Theatre at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Erik thinks “making the medium of fundraising for  theatre seems perfect-. For theatre, when done right, is the art of “holding the mirror up to nature” so as to inspire humanity….so we are not only collecting money to benefit refugee camps in Greece, but hopefully giving the audience increased inspiration and a touched soul in return.”

AS Botton in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2013
Don’t miss Erik and the whole cast  in this last last Black Swan performance, Its 7pm, June 2nd at the World Trade Center in Portland.



As Malvio- Twelfth Night, 2011

Dedication & Drive =Hailey DeLeon:

Hailey as Princess Sita in Rama and Sita, 2017. 

Ten year old Hailey DeLeon ‘s first role was as an Oompa Loompa in Black Swan’s 2015 Willy Wonka. She became known affectionately as the fastest, frenzied, candy-stirring  Oompa Loompa by cast and crew. Stirring sticks aside, Hailey always shows complete dedication and focus with every role. From a Lost Boy in Peter Pan, to an Indian princess in Rama and Sita, there’s always a high level of dedication to her roles.  “I’ve loved all the people I’ve worked with and the roles I’ve got to play at Black Swan,” says Hailey. One of her favorite Black Swan memories was making a silly Augustus Gloop skit at the Willy Wonka cast party. “Tyler (Messinger) played Mrs.Beauregarde, and at the end of the skit, he carried  me (Willy Wonka) off.”

Orange hatted Oompa Loompa on the right is Hailey DeLeon.

In Black Swan’s upcoming Refugee Benefit Theatre, Hailey will impress audiences as one of three Matildas in the song, Naughty from Matilda the Musical. Because of her passion for the music of Hamilton,  and being such a dedicated performer, Hailey will join older cast members to be part of the chorus in the Hamilton song pieces.  Hailey loves how the music is so catchy and fun and at the same time learn all about Alexander Hamilton. Her favorite Hamilton song is Satisfied “because the music is fun and I love the way Angelica’s perspective is put into the story…..I also love the line, who lives who dies, who tells your story because it’s cool to learn how Eliza Hamilton told Alexander’s story.”

On the left of Wendy: As Lost Boy, Curly in Peter Pan-2016

Hailey is excited to perform for the Refugee Benefit in downtown Portland on June 2nd and “thinks it’s a good way we can help refugees and still have a lot of fun.”






Sawyer King Revives the Role of Thisbe for Refugee Benefit:

Sawyer King and Erik Scott- A Midsummer’s Night Dream-2013

In 2013, Sawyer King had audiences roaring in laughter with his role as Flute/Thisbe in Black Swan’s A Midsummer ‘s Night Dream. On June 2nd, he and fellow actor, Erik Scott will revive their roles as  (Bottom) Pyramus and Thisbe.  Joined by the other “mechanicals”, this fresh  comedic interpretation promises to  be a new favorite for audiences.

With Lucas Buchanan in Noises Off! (2013)

Sawyer King ‘s first Black Swan production was Noises Off! in 2013. “I was excited and nervous with my first play but loved it,” says Sawyer.  Of the five productions he acted in,  Sawyer ‘s favorite moment was playing the lowly workman, Flute/Thisbe in  A Midsummer’s Night Dream . ” It was so fun finding the comedic moments with Erik in the play and getting the laughs.” Sawyer always added such creative ideas and moments to a character or scene”, says director, Susan Scott. “Either actors naturally have comedic timing or struggle, and Sawyer is blessed with brilliant timing,” she adds.

Sawyer is currently studying Computer Science at MHCC and loves music, video games and traveling.  “I d love to go back to Scotland and Thailand sounds pretty cool.”  If he could date any Disney princess, he hands down says Rapunzel. “because she’s so happy and fun!”

Sawyer and other actors on the 2014 Black Swan UK Trip.  (LONDON)

Sawyer is excited to once again be on stage for one last Black Swan show and encourages audiences to come  and be entertained while doing a wonderful thing for refugees in need.”

All monies raised for this event  benefit LIFTING HANDS INTERNATIONAL’s REFUGEE Program in Greece. This 7 pm, June 2nd performance is at The World Trade Center Theatre in downtown Portland. Purchase tickets here:

Elizabeth Holmes Returns For Refugee Benefit Performance:

“She was once a commoner like yourselves, but perhaps you will not find her common now.”

-Prince Humperdink referring to Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride.

The Princess Bride- 2010
Black Swan is thrilled that 23 year old,  BYU-I student, Elizabeth Holmes is back for one last Black Swan performance on June 2nd!
In 2009, Elizabeth auditioned for Black Swan’s, Beauty and The Beast  and her love for theatre took hold. She performed in five plays with highlights being Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride.  She acted as a director’s assistant in two plays with her  first massive responsibility as musical director for the quartet of musicians in Twelfth Night.   Elizabeth helped create the humor and positivity that made Black Swan a  joyful place to be as actors looked up to her example.
Beauty and the Beast 200Elizabeth brought so much fun, humor, positivity to a cast that’s left a lasting impression on Black Swan.
Her favorite Black Swan memory is Black Swan’s  2011 theatre trip to the U.K. “I loved every minute of it. Wales was definitely the highlight for me with climbing Mt. Snowden. Watching all the plays while there was amazing. I still remember standing right next to the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London for my favorite play, Much Ado About Nothing. I could not forget roaming the countryside and looking at the landscape and loving it.”

Elizabeth will be performing in scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Pyramus and Thisbe), Hamilton, and Thomas More.  Elizabeth says, ” This refugee benefit is for a good cause, also wonderful entertainment. The refugee crisis is important to me because how could we not open our arms and hearts to people that have lost everything? Many are families that want security for their children. We would not leave family behind. We need to start considering the whole of the human race as our family.

Snowdonia in Wales-2011
Elizabeth will be graduating in April 2019 in Elementary education with an emphasis in Social Studies and ELL. She is engaged to Freddy Moreno and hopes to marry within the next year if all goes well with U.S. visa requirements.

 All monies raised for this event  benefit LIFTING HANDS INTERNATIONAL’s REFUGEE Program in Greece. This 7 pm, June 2nd performance is at The World Trade Center Theatre in downtown Portland. Purchase tickets here:



A ONE NIGHT ONLY, NOT TO MISS EVENT, starring many returning Black Swan alumni with our young actors and all to benefit LIFTING HANDS INTERNATIONAL’s REFUGEE Program in Greece.

This performance in at the World Trade Center Auditorium in downtown Portland. 

You can reserve your seat for


 Ticket Prices:  $10 Students 24 and under

$20 Adults

BUY YOUR TICKET at Seat Yourself link below: